Ten of us set off on Sunday 30 October to explore and learn about the Featherheads Wildflower Reserve in Cairnlea and the Iramoo Wildflower Grassland Reserve, two Crown Land reserves in outer western Melbourne situated on the Victorian volcanic plains. Thousands of hours of weed control is now resulting in a number of native species returning into what were Serrated Tussock grass reserves.

The grassland vegetation is just so different to the Anglesea heathlands

Group with Rick

Led by Amanda and Rick we observed a range of floristic species

These included:-

Featherheads Ptilotus macrocephalus

Pink Bindweed
Pink Bindweed Convolvulus erubescens spp. agg.

Basalt Podolepsis
Basalt Podolepis Podolepis sp. 1

Blue Devil
Blue Devil Eryngium ovinum

The Cairnlea Conservation Reserves Committee and the Friends of Iramoo have an impressive 30 year plan for the management and restoration of their reserves.

We congratulate them on their efforts and wish them every success.

Their results are rewarding

Margaret MacDonald

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Weed of the month

Bushy Yate

Bushy Yate

Bushy Yate, Eucalyptus lehmannii, is an evergreen densely rounded tree to 8m with spread of 3m. It is endemic to the south coast of Western Australia but has naturalised into the Surf Coast cliffs, coastal areas and bushland where it seeds prolifically. The orange flower pods form clusters like fingers extending from a hand and the horned seed capsules are fused at the base in clusters of five to eight.

More details about how to control this weed can be found in the archive of Weeds of the Month.

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