We had intended to do a loop walk but there were so many plants we only got a quarter of the way along and it was time to turn around again.

The list of 69 species included a flowering grasstree, bluebells, lobelia, billy buttons, and lots of flowering grasses.

Identifying plants
Identifying plants

There was good recruitment of new plants throughout the area. Unfortunately there was quite a lot of Bluebell Creeper – a site for a future working bee.

The track was well used by bikes and alternative tracks have been added. It was an enjoyable morning in a very attractive area and people appreciated visiting an area not frequented so often.

Alison Watson

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Weed of the month

Bluebell Creeper

Bluebell Creeper Billardia fusiformis

Originally from Western Australia it was a popular garden plant because it grows vigorously without careful attention. Unfortunately it is those characteristics that make the Bluebell Creeper one of the most devastating environmental weeds. Twining around other plants it quickly forms large colonies smothering any nearby plant. Small plants can be pulled out. Larger plants need to be either sprayed or cut down to ground level and then poisoned..

More details about how to control this weed can be found in the archive of Weeds of the Month.

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