It was a privilege to be at the opening of the next stage of the Anglesea Primary School’s indigenous garden project.

It was clear after the first stage that children very much enjoyed creating structures within the garden. This led to the Parents Club raising money to design and landscape an ‘imagination garden’ including a beautiful commemorative space for Pixie Fitzgerald, a young child who died three years ago. The whole garden is beautiful and the children’s daily additions exciting. It is well worth a visit.

Anglesea PS indigenous garden

ANGAIR supplied another 1500 plants with Nick Day’s help. The gratitude of the school community to ANGAIR for its contribution was very obvious. Our role now will include some educational work and maintenance. ANGAIR volunteers should be proud of their part in this project.

Bill McKellar

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Bushy Yate

Bushy Yate

Bushy Yate, Eucalyptus lehmannii, is an evergreen densely rounded tree to 8m with spread of 3m. It is endemic to the south coast of Western Australia but has naturalised into the Surf Coast cliffs, coastal areas and bushland where it seeds prolifically. The orange flower pods form clusters like fingers extending from a hand and the horned seed capsules are fused at the base in clusters of five to eight.

More details about how to control this weed can be found in the archive of Weeds of the Month.

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