We have looked at some interesting plant species over the last few months, in particular the hemi-parasites including the three local Dodder-laurels, Drooping Mistletoe, Anyema pendula subsp. pendula, and Cherry Ballart, Exocarpos cupressiformis.

Our investigation of the Slender Dodder-laurel, Cassytha glabella forma dispar, showed us the attachment cups, or haustoria, photographed and described in last month’s newsletter.

The most rewarding investigation was that of Cherry Ballart, where magnification revealed striations on the stems, tiny leaves and most unusual flowers.

Cherry Ballart fruit magnification 40X
Cherry Ballart flower magnification 40X

We also discovered that the noticeable red ‘fruit’ is an enlarged flower stem that supports the smaller green fruit containing the single seed.

Cherry Ballart fruit
Cherry Ballart fruit

We love to share our excitement with new faces so if you are free, please join us. No previous microscope experience is necessary.

Gail Slykhuis

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