Seven people enjoyed the delights of Fraser Avenue on the Nature Walk held on August 15.  Despite the area undergoing a cool control burn in December last year, Greenhood orchids were flourishing, including Tall Pterostylis melagramma, Dwarf P. nana and Nodding Pterostylis nutans.

Nodding Greenhoods

Penne and Yvonne identifying the orchids

Other orchids sighted were the Mayfly Acianthus caudatus, which has a single heart-shaped leaf, dark green above and purple underneath and a small colony of Gnat orchids Cyrtostylis reniformis.

Mayfly Orchid

The Hibbertias provided a bright splash of gold with three species all flowering at the same time.

Bill admiring Bundled Hibbertia

The Rosy Baeckia Euryomyrtus ramosossima subsp. prostrata was flowering prolifically.  The tiny, single, pale pink flowers have five petals, and usually face downwards  looking just like ‘jam tarts’.

Rosy Baeckia

Pink-bells Tetratheca ciliata, with its bright lilac-pink flowers, together with Love Creeper Comesperma volubile, Triggerplants Stylidium graminifolium, white and pink Common Heath Epacris impressa, Trailing Goodenia Goodenia lanata, Beard-heath Leucopogon virgatus and Heath Daisies Allitia uliginosa are already providing a rich tapestry of colour leading up to the ANGAIR Show weekend, in this beautiful heathland/woodland area.

White Heath

Margaret admiring Pink Heath

Heath Daisy

Group checking vegetation

Yvonne Coventry


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