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Sat 20 Apr 2019 9:30 am - 2:30 pm
Rod Brooks
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Anglesea Heath Walk, Red River Track/Denham Track, 5.5 km, easy walk.

Meet at 9.30 am at the ANGAIR Natural History Museum. Bring morning tea and lunch.

Our April ‘Get to Know our Tracks’ walk is a joint activity with Friends of Eastern Otways, as their members share in one of ANGAIR’s celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the organisation that was formed in April 1969.

In April 1996 ANGAIR introduced a new venture called Get to Know our Tracks and the first walk took place on Denham Track. It was hoped that we could perhaps retrace those steps, but planning to do so has been an impossible task as track closures and realignments have resulted in most sections of the original walk no longer existing. The Denham Track that does exist is now a well-defined vehicle track with sections of grey metal making walking dangerous.
However, we have done our best by incorporating a part of Denham Track into our walk. (approximately one km).

Denham Track was established for fire-fighting purposes in the 1960s being named after Mr Pat Denham, a Forestry Overseer with the Department of Forestry. The track which was approximately 10 km long stretched from near the Anglesea Complex in Gum Flat Rd, through a section of what was the former Angahook-Lorne State Park and then through the Alcoa Lease to No2 Rd. Today Denham Track begins and ends on No2 Rd in an arched formation.

Red River Track which is the first part of our walk (2 km) is so called because of the red peat that was a feature of the landscape after the 1983 bushfires.
The two tracks wind through heathy woodland with wonderful views across the Otways. In April 1996 red Victorian Heath, Epacris impressa, and white Twisted Beard Heath, Leucopogon glacialis, were most spectacular, with special mention of the birds, butterflies and other insects, so it will be interesting to see what April 2019 brings.

Denham Track leads us to No2 Rd and walking on the roadside verge for about 2.5 km we make our way back to the start of the walk at Red River Track.

Contact Marg 0412 652 419


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