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Angair has awarded two Honorary Life Memberships to the couple who have breathed life into Angair’s public profile. Bill and Olivia Clarke work as a team but their award certificates singled out each one’s special contributions. Bill has revitalised our IT systems, Olivia has developed the digital record of Angair’s activities and both work tirelessly to produce our publications.

oliviaandbillAngair President Sally White with new Honorary Life members, Olivia and Bill Clarke

Three newcomers – Margaret Howden, Madeleine Slingo and David Walmsley – joined returning members of the Committee of Management: Sally White (President), Wendy Crebbin (Vice-president), Conrad White (Treasurer), Peter Forster, Bill Clarke, Ellinor Campbell, Lis Fenwick, Jill Pollock and Rob Shepherd. The secretary’s position remains vacant.

Sally White reported on activities in 2022 and thanked the retiring committee members, Christine Forster, David Williams and Sammy Bodycomb, and all volunteers for their contributions to Angair.

Angair member Dr Lesley Cadzow followed the meeting with her witty and photographically stunning presentation of her years spent as a GP travelling the globe to challenging places that include both polar regions and the Simpson Desert.

Ann Feilding