On Monday 13th August, a beautiful winter’s day, we took the Nature Walk from the end of Inverlochy Street through the Surf Coast Walk and down behind Burnside Camp and the fire tracks and back along Inverlochy Road to the cars.

The beginning was mainly through a low heath where the Blunt Everlasting Argentipallium obstusifolium was about to flower.

Let's check the book

Further along the Surf Coast Walk we came to an area rich with flowering plants e.g. Common Correa Correa reflexa, Ioxidia Ixodia achillaeoides, Showy Parrot-pea Dillwynia sericea, Heath Daisy Allittia uliginosa,, Pink Bells Tetratheca ciliata all impressing us . There were many others.

Common Correa ... common and just superb

So that’s what Correa seed looks like!

We then climbed through the  forest mainly of Messmate Eucalyptus obliqua, occasional Anglesea Grey Gum Eucalyptus litoralis, and many Grasstrees Xanthorrhoea australis, all looking very healthy.

Gorgeous Grasstrees

The return road had most of our areas wattles e.g. Golden wattle Acacia pycnantha, Vanish wattle A vernifluaPrickly Moses A. verticillata, and Myrtle wattle A. myrtifolia.

What is this tree ... is the bark stringy?

It’s a great walk and will be for some months. Take the field guide Flowers of Anglesea and Aireys Inlet as it greatly improves the experience.

Bill McKellar


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