The October walk was just wonderful.

We were initially disappointed at seeing only a handful of Sun Orchids, and all of these were closed due to the cloudy weather or because they were already pollinated, but we saw large numbers of other superb orchids.

These including whole stands of Mantis Orchids Caladenia tentaculata, really tall Tiger Orchids Diurus sulphurea and, best of all, several very handsome specimens of the more unusual Red and Purple Bearded Orchids Calochilus  paludosa & C. robertsonii.

Mantis Orchid

Red Beard Orchid

Purple Beard Orchid

The heathlands along and near Ridge Track  and at the back of Moggs Creek were a mass of coloured flowers, including the delightful Leafless Globe-pea Sphaerolobium minus.

Glorious heathland flowers

Ridge Track with great views

Leafless Globe-pea

Gentle Annie track was lined with the brilliant yellow pea flowers of Common Aotus Aotus ericoides.

Common Aotus

The overcast weather made for very comfortable walking, though it was too cold and windy on the exposed lookouts to stay for long.

We've seen the view, so let's get going

On the way to Moggs Creek we had a short, unexpected detour, as we missed a turning.

Come back, it's this way

Lunch at Moggs Creek was most pleasant in the delightful surroundings, using the picnic facilities.

Lunch is finished but we're still having fun!

After lunch the return walk to the lookout over Eastern view was lined by flowers at all levels.

Masses of flowers on the Moggs Creek circuit

Of special interest were white specimens of two types of orchids which are usually coloured. These were Waxlip Orchids Glossodia major which are normally mauve, and Pink Fingers Caladenia carnea.

Pink Fingers

Some of the small white prostrate flowers had us guessing their species, such as Matted Pratia Lobelia pedunculata.

Matted Pratia

We enjoyed ourselves so much the walk ended quite a bit a bit later than planned.

Windy weather at the lookout over Eastern View

Angela Chinoweth & Ellinor Campbell


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