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Sun 18 Apr 2021 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Rod Brooks
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Stepping up and speaking out: ANGAIR Futures Review … Ross Colliver

In February 2020, on the cusp of COVID, members convened to consider where ANGAIR could break new ground. The grand old dame was 50 years old, but what new moves might she be capable of? What does the world need, and what is the community we live in looking for? A long year later, we’re reconvening to find who has the passion and the time to work on six opportunities:

  1. Create more family-focused activities, so children and parents learn how to care for the place in which they live.
  2. Make room for young adults, to put together their energy and the experience of old hands.
  3. Make our advocacy work more visible and bring more people into the grunt work of writing and media work. Stay connected to what other environmental groups are doing and speaking out about.
  4. Be better communicators, listening and connecting to the things that matter to people, and as educators opening up the world to others.
  5. Make our expertise more accessible and make better use of our members’ skills.
  6. Rebuild our communications so we reach our target audiences.

These are all worthwhile, but it’s smart to concentrate where members are ready to work together. Our workshop Sunday, April 18, 10 am–1 pm, Anglesea Youth Hall, McMillan Street (at the north end of the Memorial Hall), will find where our shared interests lie.

You will have a chance to share why the opportunity that interests you is important to you and hear the same from others. You will identify the hurdles that need to be tackled, the next two big steps to take, and the skills and knowledge you need to get moving on the opportunity.

If we draw others into what we’re doing right from the start, we will travel further, faster, and enjoy the journey more. In the last part of the workshop, those who are up for it will have a chance to present their opportunity to others and get feedback on what cuts through and communicates.

Summaries from our previous workshop can be found on our website:


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