Despite the forecast for rain, thirteen of our members joined with us on Saturday, November 19 to help set our remote cameras to survey fauna life, and to have a walk in the rainforest.

Morning tea at Kennett River - the bridge made a good shelter

It was a perfect day to be in the rainforest – the trees and ferns were spectacular with raindrops glistening on the branches and fronds.  There was just a gentle mist falling, but with the canopy of vegetation acting as an overhead umbrella, we all managed to keep dry and enjoy the experience.

Setting the camera

Two of the cameras were set in the rainforest itself, and the third camera was placed in an open forest site near the remains of an underground bunker that in earlier days had acted as a fire shelter for timber workers in the area.

Some more helpers

It will be interesting to see what animals are frequenting the sites.  It would appear to be a perfect habitat for some of our smaller mammals.

Down by the river


Pictures from the Bunker site:



Black Wallaby

Rat sp.



Pictures from the rainforest:

Black Wallaby

Bush Rat

White-browed Scrubwren


Bassian Thrush

Margaret MacDonald


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