We were thrilled to have 44 people come along to the Distillery Creek Picnic Ground on December 10 to celebrate the end of another successful year in the field of conservation, and in particular to share in the installation of the new interpretive signs on the Distillery Creek Nature Trail.

With the forecast for rain, we were not too optimistic that the conditions would remain fine, but we were very fortunate as the rain that had been forecast waited until our celebrations had been completed.

It is hoped that the seven new signs that have been designed with so much care as a joint project between Parks Vic, ANGAIR and the Friends of Eastern Otways will result in helping visitors understand and appreciate this special area. (Click here to view all the signs)

A short ceremony was held to tell people about the journey that culminated in the installation of the new signs.

Telling the story

The initial drafts had been prepared in 2009, with the design and text being refined over the next two years. The unveiling of the first sign at the entrance to the Trail allowed people to get a feel for the new signs replacing the outdated and weathered signs that had been installed in the 1980’s.

Unveiling the sign

Opening the track

The opening of the Trail was followed by a walk around the track where those present were able to see the signs that had been placed strategically according to the relevant text – trees, other vegetation, birds, other wildlife, fungi, mosses, lichens, the Creek itself and the boardwalk edged with its damper type of vegetation.

Walking the track

It was obvious from people’s reactions as they walked the track that the project had been a success.

Enjoying the experience

It's a bush Christmas

Back in the Picnic Ground we all shared in an enjoyable barbecue lunch that had been cooked for us by Zan and Sam from Parks Vic and we thank them for their efforts.

The salad bar

Lunch amongst the Ironbarks

Eating in comfort

Chris, Dennis and Zan thanked both Friends of Eastern Otways and ANGAIR for their support and cooperation during 2011 and said that they were looking forward to continuing relationships in 2012.

The final thanks and best wishes

Our thanks to Zan and Sam the Parks Vic staff

Margaret MacDonald

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