It had rained off and on for about a week and the Cumberland Track beside the Cumberland River was on the Friends of Eastern Otways programme for May 18th. The morning dawned with drizzly rain and as the track necessitated four river crossings it was doubtful if Cumberland Cascades could be reached with safety.

Six of the intrepid seven

The walk started from the Cumberland River Camping Ground in light rain but the forest was fresh and damp with a mountain thrush running along the track in front of us.

Is this as far as we go?

At the first river crossing, the river was running fairly swiftly but after some deliberations we decided to cross to get at least to Jebbs Pool.

Bravely we attacked the first crossing

Jebbs Pool

As most walkers got wet boots at this river crossing, the party decided to continue on past Jebbs Pool as the boots could not get any wetter.

The second crossing - rather challenging

The third crossing was a bit trickier

The fourth crossing - we were getting expert at it

The last 350 metres to the cascades was more challenging as correctly stated by the walk notes.

Climbing up to the Cascades

The Cascades in full flow - it had been worth the effort

Lunch was taken on a large rock with a delightful view of the Cascades in full flow.

Lunch with Cascades in background

Returning, possibly due to tiredness, river crossings became harder and some lost their balance and ended up with more than wet boots. Arriving back at the coast, the walkers were glad they had accomplished  a delightful walk through the Cumberland Gorge.

A few of our observations:



Mock Olive fruit

A Pied Cormorant

Lachie Richardson

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