Thirty-two members (Friends of Eastern Otways and ANGAIR) and eight Parks Vic Rangers came along to the Moggs Creek Picnic Ground on Saturday, December 14 to share another year of successful activities.

Seventeen people came to the site at 10 am and had a chat before setting off for a walk around the creek with a few enjoying morning tea before we left.  We were pleased to see a few new faces join us for the walk.


Before the walk

Before setting off, the group attacked an area of flat weed that was growing near the noticeboard and was in full flower.  The weeds soon disappeared.


It is always such a delightful walk with plenty of things to see, and this time was no exception.  The spring rainfall had certainly kept the grasses, flowers, trees and other plants in good condition and there was plenty to admire as we walked slowly along the track.

Cheryl admires the Maidenhair Fern

We managed to find one Cinnamon Bell orchid growing amongst the ferns alongside the track.

Cinnamon Bell Orchid

Admiring the Victorian Christmas Bush from the second wooden bridge and yes there was water in the Creek

Admiring the Victorian Christmas Bush

Sue admires the Blue Pincushions

And Debra the Pale Vanilla Lily

A male King Parrot flew down and displayed his beautiful colours against the background of green vegetation

King Parrot

Back at the picnic ground and Frank and Lachie had the barbecue under control where the rest of the group had arrived in time for lunch.

Frank and Lachie


People helped themselves to sausages, rissoles and salads and were soon seated in groups around the site enjoying their lunch.




We were really pleased that so many Parks Vic staff were able to enjoy the occasion with us:- Frank, Carlie, Pete, Michael, Michelle, Emma - ( Michael and Emma are missing from the photo.)

Parks staff

We were all just so excited when Katrina and Aaron, Parks Vic Rangers on leave due to the arrival of their first child came along to introduce Etta Pearl, just one week old, to the group.

Katrina, Aaron and Etta

Aaron proudly shows off the new arrival

Margaret MacDonald

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