Twelve walkers were keen to see the site where a memorial seat would be erected in honour of Claire Roberts, co-founder of the Friend’s Group. We set off from the start of Loves Track on Bambra Road, in perfect weather. This is a very pleasant forest track leading through tall Brown Stringybark trees, and many indigenous plants had begun their flowering season.

Loves Track - the wattles were just coming out when we reconnoitred the track in early August

Yellows were well represented by Myrtle, Spreading and Varnish Wattles, Hop Goodenia and Guinea Flower. Reds and pinks by the Common Correa, Pink Bells, white and creams by the Scented Sundew, Dusty Miller and Slender Pimelia. Occasional sightings of Greenhoods, both Tall and Nodding added to the kaleidoscope.

Loves Track crosses the Currawong Falls Track at Trig Point, and here we took a narrow path for one km, to a “Picnic Site”, where there is a magnificent panoramic view of the Split Point lighthouse and the township of Aireys Inlet.

The view from the proposed seat

This will be a fitting resting place for the memorial seat, and much discussion took place about the best vantage spot.

The selected site for the seat

The 2km descent track that leads to the Distillery Creek Picnic Ground has some beautiful glimpses of the coast and later IronBark Gorge, but unfortunately too many views of the ravages of the cinnamon fungus. Although we sprayed our boots and the bases of our walking sticks both before and after the walk, the popularity of this route amongst walkers, runners and even mountain bikes means the spread of this fungus will remain unchecked.

Joe Bolza

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