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This month’s Angair Talk will feature local ecologist Dr Barbara Wilson who will report on the significant outcomes of the three-year research program known as the Wild Otways Initiative which is now complete.

Barbara and Dr Mark Garkaklis were involved in two of the five WOI projects: the Small Mammal Conservation Project and the Phytophthora Management Program.

Last month Angair News reported that Barbara and Mark had donated a professional wildlife camera to the Lot 2 Bambra Road regeneration project. Within weeks it had captured pictures of the large furry bottom of a koala, bandicoots and several juveniles. Neither species had been recorded there before. A significant outcome for the Lot 2 regeneration.

The Angair Talk will be held at 7.30 pm on Friday 25 August at the Anglesea Memorial Hall.

Ann Feilding