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Community interest in the process of the co-design of the Anglesea Community and Health Hub has been widespread, 39 user and community group members attending workshops to discuss the draft concept plan. On 20 June, results of the co-design process were presented to the workshop attendees.  The Shire will now collect the documentation from Hub user groups and continue to liaise with the groups as it develops any detailed design phase. The Angair Committee of Management is confident at this stage that the society’s future position will not be disadvantaged.

The latest draft plan shows the retention of the existing Angair offices and a small propagation facility. In recent discussions with the ward councillors and administrative staff, Angair representatives confirmed that the size of the Propagation Facility on the draft plan is inadequate and that a relocated facility will require:

  • covered shed space at least consistent with the size and utility of the current facility
  • adequate outdoor growing space with good natural light and ventilation and capacity for protection from birds
  • power and water
  • basic vehicle access (for large deliveries such as potting mix and transport of plants for markets etc.)
  • security of the entire area to prevent theft and vandalism.

The actual location of the facility is yet to be determined. It does not need to be adjacent to the Angair office, but does need to be close enough to give access to toilets and kitchen for volunteers. We anticipate detailed consultation about the design in the next stage of planning.

As outlined in our original submission, Angair will still require access to storage for large items used for public education and, in particular, the Wildflower Weekend and Art Show. This function is at present conveniently provided for in the adjacent hall. We need that storage space to be retained or replicated.

Angair also remains committed to ensuring that garden areas in the precinct are indigenous to the Surf Coast and future planting should expand that already initiated by Angair volunteers.