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We had a wonderful ‘wader walk’ in January, identifying 57 species.

Hospital swamp was alive with hundreds of ducks, migratory waders, and other water birds.

Just starting at Hospital Swamp

Just starting at Hospital Swamp

Special sightings were forty gorgeous Red-necked Avocets, with their rusty- coloured heads and amazing upturned beaks, and twelve Pink-eared Ducks.

Morning tea at Barwon Heads

Morning tea at Barwon Heads

At Lake Murtnaghurt we were delighted to see, amongst the swarms of waterbirds, five Banded Stilts. As if this was not enough special birds, at Blue Rocks on the coast we saw sixteen Pacific Golden Plovers, which are uncommon to our area, plus three Hooded Plovers.

The most special birds for the day - Pacific Golden Plovers

The most special birds for the day – Pacific Golden Plovers

'Hoodies' plus gulls

‘Hoodies’ plus gulls

We were pleased to be able to get quite close to the many tiny Red-necked Stints running along the foreshore,  and were surprised to see White Ibis sitting on rocks very close to the breaking waves.

Red-necked Stints

Red-necked Stints

White Ibis

White Ibis

All in all a most satisfying day!

View towards Barwon Heads

View towards Barwon Heads

Below are all the birds identified on this day:

1. Black Swan

2. Pink-eared Duck

3. Australasian Shoveler

4.  Grey Teal

5.   Chestnut Teal

6.  Pacific Black Duck

7. Hoary-headed Grebe

8. Crested Pigeon

9. Little Penguin…dead

10. Great Cormorant

11. Little Black Cormorant

12. Australian Pelican

13. Eastern Great Egret

14. Australian White Ibis

15. Straw-necked Ibis

16. Royal Spoonbill

17. Yellow-billed Spoonbill

18. Black-shouldered Kite

19. Whistling Kite

20. Swamp Harrier

21. Wedge-tailed eagle

22. Brown Falcon

23. Purple Swamphen

24. Black-tailed Native-hen

25. Eurasian Coot

26. Black-winged Stilt

27. Red-necked Avocet

28. Banded Stilt

29. Pacific Golden Plover

30. Red-capped Plover

31. Black-fronted Dotterel

32. Hooded Plover

33. Red-kneed Dotterel

34. Masked Lapwing

35. Common Greenshank

36. Red-necked Stint

37. Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

38. WhiskeredTern

39. Pacific Gull

40. Silver Gull

41. Eastern Rosella

42. Red-rumped Parrot

43. Superb Fairy-wren

44. Yellow-rumped Thornbill

45. White-plumed Honeyeater

46. Noisy Miner

47. Red Wattlebird

48. Golden Whistler

49. Australian Magpie

50. Willy Wagtail

51. Little Raven

52. Magpie-lark

53. Eurasian Skylark

54. Australian Reed-warbler

55. Welcome Swallow

56. Tree Martin

57. Common Blackbird

Ellinor Campbell