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Colony of Blunt Greenhoods

Orchids in September

Although certainly not as common as Pterostylis nutans Nodding Greenhood that was featured in last month’s newsletter, P. curta Blunt Greenhood is another species that…
5 September 2012
Nodding Greenhood colony

Orchids in August

Although the most common of our native orchids, it is impossible not to be impressed when one stumbles upon a colony of Nodding Greenhoods Pterostylis…
2 August 2012
Mosquito Orchid

Orchids in July

The similarity of some of our ground orchid leaves often causes confusion at this time of the year. Recently, when searching for the Small Helmet…
5 July 2012
Banded Greenhood

Orchids in June

The autumn rains, with the accompanying sunshine, have certainly encouraged the growth of terrestrial orchids in the district. The Banded Greenhood Pterostylis sanguinea is having…
31 May 2012
Parson's Bands

Orchids in May

Disappointing is the only word to describe the world of orchids in the Anglesea district at the present time. If you look hard enough, you…
30 April 2012
Autumn Bird Orchid

Orchids in April

Although we would not like to see rainfall to the extent that has been falling in the north of the State, our autumn orchids have…
5 April 2012
Autumn Greenhood

Orchids in March

When I look back over my orchid notes for the past few years, my comments are almost identical. It is certainly not the time to…
2 March 2012
Elbow Orchid

Orchids in February

The summer months have been a quiet period for orchid observations, although some very good specimens have been noticed throughout the district. We were thrilled…
31 January 2012
Flying Duck Orchid

Orchids in December

As the late Everett Foster wrote in 1999, “to see a large colony of Flying Duck Orchids Caleana major in flower is a sheer delight.”…
3 December 2011
Hare Orchid

Orchids in November

Although we cannot say that it is a great year for our terrestrial orchids, we have managed to find most of our spring species flowering…
4 November 2011