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In this late winter walk we didn’t see a great variety of birds but enjoyed visiting a new and attractive area with three different habitats … paddocks, light woodland, and a large dam.

In the paddocks a number of Wood Ducks were enjoying the winter wetness. I also enjoyed my best sighting of the day, which was two Jacky Winters, as I do not remember ever seeing them in our district.

Wonderful woodland

Wonderful woodland

At the dam we spent some time studying two parrots who conveniently stayed in one spot, before deciding that they were Blue-winged Parrots.

The posing parrot

The posing parrot

Birdwatching in comfort!

Birdwatching in comfort!

We also closely looked at some Mistletoe hoping to see a Mistletoe bird, but were unable to identify a small bird flittering around in it.

Gorgeous reflections

Gorgeous reflections

After enjoying the pleasant walk we sat in comfort for morning tea and were delighted to see two raptors…a possible Little Eagle, and a Wedge-tailed Eagle.

Pleasant spot for morning tea

Pleasant spot for morning tea

Below are all the birds identified on this walk:

1. Australian Wood Duck

2. Wedge-tailed Eagle

3. Little Eagle?

4. Galah

5. Little Corella

6. Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

7. Crimson Rosella

8. Eastern Corella

9. Blue-winged Parrot

10. Laughing Kookaburra

11. Superb Fairy-wren

12.Yellow-rumped Thornbill

13. Eastern Spinebill

14. White-eared Honeyeater

15. Red Wattlebird

16. New Holland Honeyeater

17. Grey Shrike-thrush

18. Australian Magpie

19. Willy Wagtail

20. Little Raven

21. Magpie-lark

22. Jacky Winter

23. Welcome Swallow

24. Common Starling

Ellinor Campbell