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Red-necked Stints

Bird walk: Lake Connewarre

Leader: Tania Ireton

A special bird walk on Saturday 24 November the day after the Angair Talk about birds by Tania Ireton will replace both Angair’s usual mid-monthly bird walk and the ‘tracks’ walk this month.

Tania will lead the walk around possibly several locations near Lake Connewarre, seeking the shorebirds that have arrived from the far north region of our planet.

Depending on the weather and what people want to do, the walk may take half a day or a full day. We will meet at the Angair office at 8.30 am and people can car pool or travel separately depending on their preferred length of the walk.

Contact Ellinor 04343 820 110


25 Nov 2023


8:30 am - 12:00 pm