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Despite the rain of the previous day and the forecast for more impending rain, fourteen members joined in the walk that took us through varied habitats in the Moggs Creek/Fairhaven area – coastal, coastal heathland, forest and woodland.


Beach with rainbow

Was the saying ‘Rainbow in the morning sailors take warning’ going to prove true?

Crossing Moggs Creek

The first obstacle crossing the swollen Moggs Creek – there were various ways of achieving it

Coastal heathland

Walking through the wind-pruned coastal heathland.  The Dusty Miller and Correas blended well together

Moggs Look-out

A steep up-hill climb led to the Ocean Look-out where we had morning tea admiring the coastal view

Walking through the forest

Walking through the Ironbark forest to the Moggs Creek Picnic Ground

The Wattle

Alyson and Joe admire the Narrow-leaf Wattle Acacia mucronata that was just coming into flower

The Greenhoods

Colonies of Nodding Greenhoods Pterostylis nutans covered many areas of the Picnic Ground

Maggi and greenhoods

Maggi got down to have a close look

The bridge at Moggs

An easier way to cross the Moggs Creek

Woodland group

We then made our way up to the Moggs Creek/Fairhaven Ridge, down the other side along a very eroded track through the woodland vegetation, and then along Yarringa Road to reach the parked cars.

The ‘Rainbow Warning’ then proved true. After great weather all day, the skies opened and the rain came down.

Margaret MacDonald