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Grainne Maguire, Project Manager – Beach Nesting Birds, informs us that another Hooded Plover season is upon us.

The new breeding season for Hooded Plovers will be starting soon. It is not too early while walking along the beach to look out for signs of pairing and breeding. A pair near Victor Harbour in South Australia has already laid eggs, so no doubt some pairs are getting an early start in the hope of dodging tides to raise chicks before the summer crowds.

It is important to look at the legs of birds on the beach to see whether they are the same birds as were there last season, that is, to see if they have an orange flag with letters on their upper leg or alternatively combinations of colour bands or flags on their legs. There may even be new birds which have flown in from another area.

Also, this year is a Biennial Count year. It will be held on the weekend of Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 November. Closer to the time we will be asking volunteers, if they are available, to take part in the survey along a particular beach between Point Addis and Moggs Creek.

There have been a few interesting sightings reported during the last month:

  • Shy Albatrosses and Black-browed Albatrosses  were seen near Point Roadknight.
  • At Point Addis, Flocks of Fluttering Shearwaters, and Hutton’s Shearwaters, and at least one Black-Browed Albatross.
  • A Pink Robin has been seen at Point Addis.
  • Two Painted Honeyeaters were observed by a birdwatcher during a walk along Harrison Track North.
  • An immature Southern Giant Petrel at the Lorne Pier.
Mike and Kaye Traynor