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Some of our white daisy bushes are really starring at the moment. Profusely flowering bushes of Dusty Daisy-bush, Olearia phlogopappa var. phlogopappa, and Snowy Daisy-bush, Olearia lirata, look very similar, but a close look will reveal differences. Dusty Daisy-bush flowers have a bright yellow centre, and smaller matte leaves with an even edge. The flowers of Snowy Daisy-bush have a larger creamier centre, and the bigger shinier leaves have a slightly scalloped edge.

Snow and Dusty Daisy-bush

Snowy Daisy-bush on the left, Dusty Daisy-bush on the right

Cypress Daisy-bush, Olearia teretifolia, a more compact bush with cypress-like foliage can be completely covered in tiny flowers. Very different are the low growing clumps of Blunt Everlasting, Argentipallium obtusifolium, with larger papery, white flowers with a yellow centre. The sparse leaves are quite small and insignificant.  Many lilies, commonly blue, are also a feature at the moment. However Milkmaids, Burchardia umbellata, a small single stemmed plant bears a cluster of white flowers with a pink centre.

Ellinor Campbell