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Despite the dire weather forecast, the morning walk began in very pleasant sunshine. Six people attended the walk through the O’Donohue Heathland, starting from Harvey Street.

Bird calls and movements were few and far between; however, the walk through the bush with flowering Pink Heath and Sweet Wattle, more than compensated for the lack of bird activity. We followed the main track down to the Ocean Road, and then returned along the firebreak.

Group 1

Throughout, we saw and heard birds, mostly, singly or in twos. We did see an albatross flying at a distance over the water. It was too far away to identify the species.

Group 2

We also observed some interesting behaviour of the New Holland Honeyeaters. A group of about eight or ten birds were persistently flying from the bushes onto Pink Heath, and  appeared to be feeding on nectar from the heath flowers.

Our bird list for the morning numbered twenty-two different species. It was good to see the Scarlet Robin, Red-browed Finch, and the Golden Whistler. We were also able to clearly hear the  Striated Field Wren in full voice, just out of sight below the ridge.

Below are all the birds identified on this walk:

  1. Galah
  2. White-faced Honeyeater
  3. Eastern Spinebill
  4. Aust. Magpie
  5. Grey Currawong
  6. Pied Currawong
  7. Crimson Rosella
  8. Little Raven
  9. Brown Thornbill
  10. Laughing Kookaburra
  11. Albatross sp?
  12. Field Wren
  13. Pacific Gull
  14. Eastern Yellow Robin
  15. Scarlet Robin
  16. Red Wattlebird
  17. Superb Fairy Wren
  18. White-throated Treecreeper
  19. Golden Whistler
  20. Red-browed Finch
  21. New Holland Honeyeater  (x 8 – 10)
  22. Willy Wagtail

Kaye Traynor

August Bird Walk: This month, led by Ellinor, we will visit Coastal Forest Lodge, off Forest Road. It sounds a great spot for birding, with large dams, 200 acres of natural bushland, and a Wedge-tailed Eagle nest. There are some nice pictures of the environment on their website: