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Once again, the Geelong Field Naturalist Club (GFNC) have demonstrated the incredible biological diversity of the Painkalac Valley.

Lot 2 view from East

Lot 2 view from the East

Most of the readers would already know of the identification by local ecologists Drs Barbara Wilson and Mark Garkaklis of a significant colony of the threatened Swamp Antechinus near the estuary. The recent GFNC weekend survey again found them near the estuary and recorded a video and several photos of them on Lot 2.

Swamp Antechinus

Swamp Antechinus

This is the third identification of the animals on the site. How they got there is a mystery but it’s fantastic to see the ‘Build it and they will come’ principle working so well.

The survey also identified two new species on Lot 2, several frog species, an orange-bellied McCoy’s Skink and a particularly large trapdoor spider were also found under some old logs strewn across the block.

Orange bellied McCoy's Skink

Orange bellied McCoy’s Skink

Mick Loughnan