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Despite the mixed weather forecast for AFL Grand Final Day, 17 people came on this walk.

It was a windy, cool day with passing showers for our walk along the lower section of Salt Creek Track.  The weather didn’t deter us, as we set a good pace and completed the return walk by 2 pm.

Photo 1

Photo by Lynn Bunning

Leaving our cars on Bald Hills Road we faced some ‘bush bashing’ on the overgrown swampy sections, but thankfully there hadn’t been a lot of rain and only a few puddles to negotiate.  The vegetation was varied and diverse.  Along the way we admired plants in flower, such as various peas, wattle, smoke bush, eucalypt, tea tree and also about half a dozen different types of orchids.

Waxlip Orchid

A ‘double’ Waxlip orchid. Photo by Margaret Lacey

We enjoyed our morning tea break below the eyecatching ‘Grass Tree’ hill and then continued to an enchanting valley for lunch.

Photo 2

Photo by Margaret Lacey

After lunch we confronted a challenging steep uphill walk as part of our return loop to the cars with a constant procession of butterflies crossing our path.

Photo 3

Photo by Lynn Bunning

We experienced a variety of habitats – from swamp, to heath, to woodland……beautiful!  And we were able to be home in time to watch The Game on TV, if we wanted to.

Photo 4

Photo by Margaret Lacey

Lynn Bunning and Penne Kwait