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The Co-ordinator of the Bellarine Peninsula Orange bellied Parrot Working Group, Craig Morley,  has provided a summary of the May OBP survey.

Although  there were no sightings of Orange Bellied Parrots, there was however plenty of wildlife activity to be found in the wetlands and saltmarshes of the Bellarine Peninsula.

A total of 180 Blue-winged Parrots were recorded from several sites with good numbers from Lake Connewarre and Breamlea/Bancoora, Many other noteworthy observations were made, including:

  • Two Brown Quail – single birds, at Avalon and Duck Island
  • A Buff-banded Rail and two Australian Spotted Crakes at Lake Connewarre.
  • Nine raptor species at Hospital Swamps, including  an immature White-bellied Sea Eagle, and single adults at Avalon and Lake Connewarre.
  • A flock of two hundred and seventy Banded Stilts and two Spotted Harriers at Avalon.
  • Large congregations of Purple Swamphens and Welcome Swallows at Reedy Lake.
  • White-fronted Chats at Avalon and Lake Connewarre.

View the previously detailed report of the Angair bird walk at Hospital Swamp for a bird list and photographs.

Mike and Kaye Traynor