We discovered this unusual pair on the beach at low tide between Urquhart Bluff and Aireys Inlet, January 17, 2020.

There was no sign of a struggle in the sand and they were dry and unwashed by the tide. The Swamp Wallaby had the young fox in a full embrace. We wondered what circumstances had led to this bizarre scene.

foxwallabyPhoto and text from Geoff and Geraldine Harris

Spot the moth


Rhondda Millen sent in this beautiful photo of a geometrid moth spending its daylight hours on a garden ornament. Excellent camouflage!


Snow in the Otways

Rebecca Hosking from Aireys Inlet took these beautiful photos behind Lorne in the Otways around Mt Sabine road and Mt Cowley on 24 June 2016.











Please visit Rebecca's website for more examples of her work.

Orchid photos from Adam Fox, Aireys Inlet

Hare Orchid

Donkey Orchid

Waxlip Orchid

Mantis Orchid


Photos from Alicia Ivory, Marine Park Ranger

Goose Barnacles at Hutt Gully

Goose Barnacles

Goose Barnacles

Photos from Rebecca Hosking

Southern Right Whales at Wye River, on 14th July 2012.

There were 5 whales in total (including 1 x calf: the tail photos).  Three were moving from the Lorne area to Wye River, and two more were travelling from Apollo Bay; both pods converged on either side of the point.  They were quite quiet.  To see them on a more active occasion (and closer!) would be fantastic.


Distinguishing V-shaped blow

Note the callosoties - the grey calluses on the head of right whales

The biggest callosity is found on top of their head and this is known as the bonnet


Whale flipper

Tail of the calf



Larvae of the Snub Moth Oenosandra boisduvali hatching at Fairhaven, on Sat 28th April.  Such excitement!

Moth Larvae

Moth Larvae

Moth larvae

Moth mother

Moth larvae

Tiger Quoll photos from the recent tour at the Cape Otway Conservation Ecology Centre.




More information about the tour can be found in the Visit to Cape Otway Centre for Conservation Ecology Report.


Photos from Neil Tucker

Honeybrown or Dead Leaf Skeletoniser Beetle Ecnolagria grandis
22 Russell Ave
Jan 2012

Honeybrown or Dead Leaf Skeletoniser Beetle

The beetle was in plague numbers in some areas after even greater numbers of the larvae shortly before.


Buoy Barnacle Dosima fasicularis
Point Addis beach
Jan 2012

Buoy Barnacle

It is the only barnacle to produce its own gas-filled float and has been washed up on local beaches recently.

More information can be found here and in our February 2012 Fauna Report.


Yellow Rush-lily Tricoryne elatior
Kuarka Dorla Reserve

Yellow Rush-lily

This was a magnificent specimen with over 200 flowers.

Yellow Rush-lily flowers

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