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Flora and fauna surveys are carried out and research documented in an effort to conserve the biodiversity and ecology of the area. Angair participated in a ten year regeneration study following the 1983 wildfire, while more recent research has focused on two rare species, the Rufous Bristlebird and Swamp Antechinus and in documenting significant flora in the area. Comprehensive plant lists are maintained for the various flora reserves.

Angair members participates in the Orange-bellied-parrot surveys which aim to locate this critically endangered parrot in its wintering grounds on the Bellarine Peninsula coastline, a crucial part of the program to protect and preserve them.

February 2015 Wildlife Monitoring at Urquhart Bluff

12 September 2010 OBP Survey Report

12 June 2011 Survey OBP Report

24 July 2011 Survey OBP Report

19 May 2012 Survey OBP Report

Please visit the Birds Australia website. There is lots of interesting and useful information to be found about the Orange-bellied parrot.

Angair members participated a couple of years ago in a survey of the endangered Velvet Daisy-bush Olearia pannosa. DSE had requested that we carry out another survey, which was undertaken on 25 September. The survey was undertaken at Point Addis and the group, led by Marg MacDonald, was pleased to fnd that the populations were very healthy and increasing in number.