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Some of the common native mammals found in the Anglesea and Aireys Inlet district are detailed in the table below.

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MammalsSize (cm)
Agile Antechinus11
Australian Fur Seal230
Black Wallaby85
Bottlenose Dolphin300
Bush Rat20
Common Brushtail Possum50
Common Ringtail Possum38
Dusky Antechinus18
Eastern Grey Kangaroo130
Eastern Pygmy Possum20
Feathertail Glider8
Forest Bat5
Humpback Whale1600
Lesser Long-eared Bat41
Long-nosed Bandicoot45
Long-nosed Potorroo40
New Holland Mouse9
Red-necked Wallaby92
Short-beaked Echidna35
Southern Brown Bandicoot35
Southern Forest Bat5
Southern-right Whale1500
Spotted Quoll93
Sugar Glider20
Swamp Antechinus14
Swamp Rat20
White-footed Dunnart11
Yellow-bellied Glider32