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The following factsheets (in pdf format) are extracted from the monthly Angair member newsletter.

Any article or information appearing in these factsheets may be copied to further interest in the conservation of native flora and fauna or in environmental care, provided that the source and contributor(s) are acknowledged.


Swim bladders, buoyancy, respiration and the rise of terrestrial animals

“Petite and Purple” species

Teeth, jaws and digestion: The evolution of mammals

The Swamp Antechinus – a stressful life

Spot the difference: Black Wattle vs Early Black Wattle

To take or not take, that is the question!

The unique position of monotremes in the evolution of hearing

Spot the difference


Wattles in our area

A few local spiders

Three yellow button flowers

Are snakes really that scary?

Comesperma sp.

Ghost Moths

Seaberry Saltbush and other revegetators

Natural History Collection Recent Acquisitions (Part 2)

Natural History Collection Recent Acquisitions (Part 1)

The New Holland Mouse

Galls, Witch Brooms and fascinating things

Typha … an amazing plant

Frogs of the Coastal Heath and Wetlands

Fireweed, Groundsel

Botanic Odd Balls


Flame and Scarlet Robins

Birds with big bills – Cranes, storks and shorebirds

The humble Bee Fly

Egret – bird of the month from September 1997

An inventory of the vascular flora of the Anglesea and Aireys Inlet area

Elegance on Mudflats

Tawny Frogmouth

Mosquitos of the Surf Coast

Austral Grass-tree

Lost tracks – rare and locally extinct mammals

Local eucalypts

Fungi, fungi, fungi

Endangered marsupials in the Otways

Coastal saltmarsh plants

Fellow travellers washed up at high tide

The Southern Rock Lobster, Abalone and Green-warrener Snail

Astonishing local fungi



Tracks: Dog v Fox, Cat v Quoll, Deer v Goat

Velvet Daisy-bush

Mushroom look-alikes

The Common Wombat

Proteaceae – it’s all about pollination


Distinctive Shorebirds

Sea Turtles – the Green, Loggerhead and Leatherback

Plovers and Dotterels, Family Charadriidae

Scorpion flies – the insect that catches a spider

Rhamnaceae – The Family With Some Hidden, Hooded Males

Daviesia Genus

Shy Albatross

Ants as engineers



Stick Insects

Beach Treasures

An orchid pollinating wasp

Bird nests

Goodeniacae family


Slime moulds and more fungi

Fungi types

Two wasps in our area

Ozothamnus Daisy Bushes

Little Grassbird and Golden-headed Cisticola




Caper White Migration

Correas and Boronias


Grey Shrike-thrush and Bassian Thrush

Myrtaceae – Do you know this Botanical Family

Fungi Relatives

Vegetation of dunes and cliff tops of Anglesea-Aireys Inlet region

Molluscs of the intertidal zone- Hanging on for dear life

Common Koel

Does Marine Mapping today affect your sense of place?

Anglesea Heathland

Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike & White-winged Triller


Fungi Facts


Three Grasses – Do you know the difference?

Fungi Groups


Midge Orchids

Exploring Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary

Of Barnacles and Bassinian land bridges

Blue-green Algae

Grasses in our area

Antechinus species

Lizards in our area

Smooth-barked gums

Fungi – Do you know the difference?

Fungi, Blue-green Algae, Algae, Lichens, Bryophytes, Ferns

Four coastal shrubs

Terns – Do you know the difference?

Saltbush family

Sheoaks in our district

Spiders in our area

Summerflowering orchids

Difference between Currawongs, Magpies and Ravens

Wattles in our district

Owls in our area

Fungi, algae, lichens & more

Gliders in our area

Mat-rushes in our area

Gulls in our area

Crabs in our area