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Guided walks are taken each month to a variety of areas to observe the flora and fauna, and to get to know the walking tracks in the area. Special walks are also taken at Easter and in the summer holiday period.

For upcoming walks, check out the Angair events calendar.

2010 Guided Walks

Cecil track

Chance meeting with the trial bike police (June 2010)

Walk near Hammonds Track (May 2010)

Moggs Creek and Coalmine Creek walk

On 27 March, 23 of our members joined in the Get to know our Tracks walk at Moggs Creek and Coalmine Creek. We were pleased to have two children share the walk with us – Ruby and Oliver Wood who were at Moggs Creek for the school holidays. The weather was perfect, and the varying vegetation communities looked great, despite the fact that they were not in flower. We all felt we would love to come back in spring.

In the area that had been burnt as a fuel reduction and an ecological burn in 2006, great stands of Pultenaea daphnoides Large-leaf Bush-pea, and the bluish juvenile leaves of Eucalyptus globulus Blue-gums were greatly admired.

Photo: Just 250 metres more

The walk along Moggs Creek Track seemed longer than we could remember – it was just as well Sharon had her map, and Jon had his GPS to reassure us that we hadn’t missed the turn-off to Coalmine Creek Track. ‘Just 250 metres more’ said Jon, and he wasn’t too far out!

Coalmine Creek Track led us down to the coast. There was interesting vegetation on the side of this track and it would be well worth another visit to make a plant list for the area when we have time to spend investigating the flora.

Walking along the shore was very pleasant – firm sand and no wind. Ellinor found a dead Fairy Penguin that had obviously been just not strong enough to cope with the weather and sea conditions.
Walking back to our cars at the Moggs Creek Picnic Ground, everyone agreed it was a great walk.

Margaret MacDonald (Leader)