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Tall trees, birds calling, koala sighting, orchids, flowering plants, the permeating scent of Mint Bush, fairly gentle ups and downs, glimpses of the sea in the distance, no rain and good company all made for a lovely walk in the forest behind Lorne.

mintbushMint Bush

morningtearobMorning tea

Due to the Little Erskine River flowing well over slippery rocks at the Lorne end, we decided for safely reasons to walk in about halfway and then return the same way.

rivercrossingLittle Erskine River crossing

The Mountain Grey-gums, Manna Gums and Southern Blue-gums were towering overhead. Not far along the track Rani found the rare Wrinkled Buttons in bud. This plant was believed extinct until discovered again after the 1983 fires.

wrinkledbuttonWrinkled Button in bud

We found Hyacinth Orchids in bud and Common Bird Orchids, mostly leaves but some flowers. At our lunch spot we found the luminous Ghost Fungus Omphalotus nidiformis.

ghostfungiGhost Fungus

And looking up we discovered a rather anxious looking koala precariously hanging on in a spindly wattle. I think it was relieved when we left it in peace.


It was lovely to catch up with people not seen for a while and meet new people and share the enjoyment and discovery of one of our lesser-known tracks.

returnwalkReturn walk through the forest

Alison Watson
Photos of Morning tea and Return walk through forest by Rob Shepherd