ANGAIR gained special permission from the Camp Manager, for August’s Nature Ramble to explore part of the natural bush area at the Anglesea YMCA Recreation Camp which is private property.

Seven participants listed 70 species during an enjoyable hour’s walk in the winter sunshine.


The early wattles were very showy, with extensive displays of Sweet Wattle and scattered specimens of other species including Myrtle Wattle, Varnish Wattle, Prickly Moses and Golden Wattle.

Prickly Moses
Prickly Moses Acacia verticillata

 Golden Wattle
Golden Wattle A.pycnantha

The Small-leaved Clematis Clematis microphylla was festooned over other understorey shrubs. Male plants of this species (as shown here) are more abundant than female plants.

Small-leaved Clematis 
Small-leaved Clematis

The white form of Common Heath Epacris impressa was in flower and all three local Hibbertia species were noted.

 Bundled Guinea-flower
Bundled Guinea-flower Hibbertia fasciculata var. prostrata

Climbing Sundews Drosera macrantha subsp. macrantha twined around nearby plants for support and many bore one or two white flowers.

Climbing Sundew
Climbing Sundew 

The Forked Comb-fern Schizaea bifida was an interesting find.

Forked Comb-fern
Forked Comb-fern 

Attractive and informative signs marked the Indigenous Trail.

Group and signs
Group and signs 

Photography: Ellinor Campbell, Ros Gibson

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