One wonders if there could possibly be a nicer place to spend time on a mild autumn day than in the cool temperate rainforest at the back of Lorne. With the planned walk uncertain because of the fuel reduction burns and the recent rains we started the walk at Allenvale Car Park on the way to Sheoak Picnic Ground.

Seventeen ANGAIR members had come along and were eager to begin the walk.

Group at start

Having crossed Allanvale Rd and started walking along the track it was not long before we stopped to admire the blue decorations of a Bowerbird’s secret spot – the blue colours were just brilliant on the dry leaf litter.


We walked along the narrow bush track beside the St George River and then across the wooden foot bridge.


Once we had passed the private property and entered the Great Otway National Park there was a steady uphill climb ending with a sharp pinch. People were a bit weary but decided we would continue to the Phantom Falls for morning tea.

Group at top of hill

As we walked along there were some good vantage point for views down the St George River Valley.

View down

From the top of the falls there was a spectacular vista of the Cora Lynn Creek below with the sides of the gully lined with tree ferns and other dense vegetation – good place for a photo.

Margaret & Ross taking photos

The base of the falls provided a great place for morning tea with the cascading falls in the distance.–

Morning tea

Having crossed the Cora Lynn Creek on the wooden footbridge we continued in the cool temperate rainforest where high towering eucalypts and an understorey including wattles, daisy bushes and Prickly Currant Bush were intertwined by the Forest Wire-grass with some of the less well known species such as Rough Coprosma, Indian Weed, Narrow-leaved Fireweed and Southern Tick-trefoil. Majestic Tree-ferns lined the water course. A deviation from the Cora Lynn Track enabled us to see the Allen Dam, Lorne’s water supply.

Allen Dam

Back in the rainforest fungi, mosses and lichens were a feature of the walk.

Mossy log/seat




Everyone agreed the walk was great and that the cool temperate rainforest was a magnificent place to be. Thanks to Lachie for his leadership.

Margaret MacDonald


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