We had delightful autumn weather for this walk from the ANGAIR office along the river, and then through the nature reserve.


We were impressed with the shire plantings along the river and boardwalk near the boat sheds.

Let's have a feel

It was a good opportunity to distinguish the differences between a variety of grasses and sedges.

Now, what is this?

Beside the boat house the Common Reed Phragmites australis was displaying its feathery flower-heads.

Common Reed

Nearby there were masses of the appealing Knobby club-sedge Ficina nodosa with its round flower-heads. Large clumps of Coast Saw-sedge Gahnia trifida were in flower with their clumping flower-heads, and we had a careful feel of the raspy surface on the long leaves.

Coast Saw-sedge

The reserve was looking green and fresh after the recent rains, though not much was in flower except for the remnants of some Twiggy Daisy-bushes Olearia ramulosa. Seed-pods on Sweet Bursaria Bursaria spinosa were standing out with their rich brown colour forming a contrast to the green foliage.

Sweet Bursaria seed-pods

Grass-trees Xanthoroea were in abundance in some parts. Our knowledge was tested by some interesting leaves which we thought were the rare Ploughshare Wattle Acacia gunnii. However they turned out to be from another uncommon plant  for our area Showy Bossiaea B. cinerea. Identification is so much easier when plants are in flower, but usually such distinctive leaves are just as good…we failed the test!

Showy Bossiaea

A highlight was a clump of fungi which we were unable to identify.

Unknown fungi

On our return along the muddy river edges we found a few flowers and seeds of Creeping Brookweed Samolus repens, and were interested to see quite a bit of Beaded Glasswort Sarcocornia quiqueflora.

Creeping Brookweed

Ellinor Campbell

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