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This peaceful wetland at Airey’s Inlet was Angair’s destination for the Labour Day Nature Ramble.



A mix of Angair regulars and new comers enjoyed an informative walk through the sanctuary, where many wetland plant species were identified.

By looking at individual Rush species, Juncus spp. the group were able to distinguish between the four species recorded at Allen Noble Sanctuary. It was found that the size of the air spaces within pith (internal region of stem) varied considerably between the species. The diameter and nature of the stem, appearance of the flower and nature of lower leaves also assisted our identification process. 

Tall Rush

Tall Rush, Juncus procerus

Slender Knotweed Persicaria decipiens and Austral Brooklime, Gratiola peruviana were flowering profusely along the margins of the sanctuary.

Slender KnotweedSlender Knotweed

Austral Brooklime

The sanctuary provided an opportunity to examine the impressive Red-fruit Saw-sedge, Gahnia seiberiana and compare Sedges in general to the species of Rush we had seen. 


Gail Slykhuis