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Angair gained two new Honorary Life Members when Christine and Peter Forster were awarded their certificates at the Annual General Meeting on 23 February.

Chris and Pete ForsterPeter’s citation noted his indefatigable contribution to Angair’s activities. He has been president, official (and unofficial) secretary, treasurer, a regular weeder, minute taker, odd-job man and all-round practical problem solver.

As a Committee of Management member, Christine provided wise counsel for many years. She has been a driver of Angair’s policy formulation and strategic planning and her memory of environmental history and understanding of complex water policy issues were vital to the committee’s informed discussions.

In presenting the membership certificates, outgoing Angair president Sally White said it gave her particular pleasure to present the awards to Christine and Peter Forster because they were the two people who had been her most supportive mentors over the years of her presidency.

Ann Feilding