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After three years of cancellation due to either COVID or bad weather we were owed a good camping weekend. Thankfully (from the organiser’s point of view) we got it!

Group sitting around in a circleThe sun shone, the birds showed themselves, Langhi Ghiran Camping Ground was full of beautiful creamy Candlebark gums and even some orchids came out to play. The walkers, photographers and the birdwatchers were all delighted. On Sunday morning we traipsed all over Peter and Chris Forster’s regeneration project on the Bullock Hills, where we saw evidence of their hard work over 20 years.

Group on logThere were native grasses, Button Wrinkleworts, a fabulous redgum big enough to live in, an Aboriginal archeological site and splendid view of the Grampians and the Pyrenees. Hard to beat.

Janet Stephens