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Did you know Angair has been developing an herbarium?

For several years, we have been collecting weeds, which we photograph, record and press for reference. That collection is now substantially complete, and we are planning to put all the data and photos onto a DVD, or on our web site. Are you able to help us create a searchable database and a DVD?

We have now shifted our attention to some of the indigenous species not documented in Flowers of Anglesea & Aireys Inlet, especially fungi. Currently, we have over 280 species from the Surf Coast Shire, most of which we had not previously documented. As they are so varied, interesting and little-known, we have decided to produce a key, which will allow novices to find out “what that fungus was that we saw on our walk.”

Are you interested in working on either of these noteworthy projects? Contact Angair, or Neil Tucker at

Neil Tucker