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On our October Nature Ramble, we visited a 20 hectare remnant of the Anglesea Heath bounded by Anglesea River, Coalmine Road, Golf Club land and Alcoa freehold land to the south, which adjoins Fraser Ave.

The wildflowers were quite prolific. The highlights were Salmon Sun Orchid, Heath Milkwort, Victorian Smoke Bush and Needle Bog Rush.

salmon sun orchidSalmon Sun-orchid Thelymitra rubra

 Heath Milkwort Comesperma ericinum

victorian smoke bushVictorian Smoke-bush Conospermum mitchellii

needle bog rushNeedle Bog Rush Tricostularia pauciflora

smooth parrot peaSmooth Parrot-pea Dillwynia glaberrima

dwarf boronia

Dwarf Boronia Boronia nana var. nana

silky teatreeSilky Tea–tree Leptospermum myrsinoides

Carl Rayner

Photos Ellinor Campbell and Carl Rayner