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The Anglesea Perimeter Walk (APW) was established in recognition of the unusually high quality of natural heathland and woodlands surrounding Anglesea.

Much of this is now included in the Great Otway National Park. Don Hutton, a well-known environmentalist and bushwalker, saw the value in having car free access to a continuous walking track that showcased some of the biodiversity and beauty so close to Anglesea, especially east and north of O’Donohue Rd where few such tracks had been formally identified. After Don’s death in 2007, Waverley Bushwalking Club members, Angair members, university colleagues and friends contributed funds to enable the establishment of this route as a walk.


Angair members, led by Les Lyons, are currently in the process of upgrading signage on the Walk thanks to a community grant from the Anglesea, Winchelsea and Lorne Community Bank and contributions from Angair members. The original signs were in need of an upgrade. To reduce future maintenance requirements the new signs are made of aluminium.

 leslyonsLes Lyons replacing APW signs

The perimeter walk was established in 2010. It links with the Surf Coast Walk established in 2012. The APW is on very varied tracks, some gravel paths, some closed four-wheel drive roads, and some narrow, single file bush tracks. Minor route changes have occurred in the last decade due to cliff erosion and the closing of the Alcoa Anglesea mine and power station. The track itself is not challenging, generally rated as easy/medium depending on distance walked. It ranges in height from sea level to 126 metres at the euphemistically named Mount Ingoldsby. The Anglesea Perimeter Walk is through some very sensitive vegetation so walkers are requested to remain on track.

The APW can be accessed at a number of locations in and around Anglesea. It is a great way to view spectacular and varied scenery and vegetation including beaches, wetlands, woodlands and heathlands. It is possible for families to complete short loops of the track of 3-5 km, walk 12 km loops that follow half the track, or for the really fit, complete the whole 22 km in the one day. The full walk starts and finishes near the Anglesea Information Centre by the Anglesea River. Descriptions of the Eastern and Western loops of the APW can be found at the website

Summary information:
Length: 22 km. It may be walked in loops of varying lengths in either direction.
Time: 7 hours for full walk. (22 km)
4 hours for each circuit (12 km)
2 hours for each section (5.5 km)
Grade: Easy/medium. Made more difficult in hot, windy or wet conditions.