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We can now answer a number of research questions using a variety of study methods, but there is still much to learn about Anglesea’s kangaroos.

What are the home ranges of kangaroos on the golf course?

Most of the female kangaroos have tiny home ranges and are reliably found within their own areas on the golf course. In fact, the home ranges at Anglesea are much, much smaller than in other kangaroo populations. Apart from large males, very few individuals even move between the Front and Back Nine on the course.


How many generations have been studied?

A couple of young females, who were tagged when they were in their mother’s pouch in 2008, have just had their own pouch young for the first time! It will be exciting to monitor them over coming years.

Beck and Beckham

How many kangaroos live on the golf course?

Total counts of kangaroos are made at dawn and dusk every six months. These counts have found the population ranging from 136 in winter to 359 in summer.

Why does the population vary so much over the year?

Almost all adult males leave the golf course during winter months.

Can fertility control manage the population?

One type of implant controls fertility for at least three years.

Bron and LPY

How far do the kangaroos move?

Males spread out all over the town. Females usually stay in one place.

What is the mortality rate of kangaroos in Anglesea?

From monitoring of tagged individuals, researchers estimate that about 18% of males and 12% of females die each year.

What do the kangaroos die of?

Many factors are involved, but most males are killed on the road. Many well -known tagged kangaroos, such as Pete, Lugg and Coco, have been killed by cars. Kangaroos are most active at dawn and dusk so drivers are encourage to slow down during these periods, particularly in the streets near the golf course.


Anglesea roadkill map

Anglesea and Aireys inlet roadkill map

Do parasites contribute to mortality in this population?

Most kangaroos carry heavy burdens of gastrointestinal worms; juveniles are particularly at risk.

Can kangaroos be protected from parasites?

Injectable drugs do not control worms, but a drench is effective.

Do collars and ear tags affect the kangaroos?

Marked and unmarked kangaroos have been found to behave in exactly the same way.

Are there other mammals on the golf course?

Anglesea golf course is also home to a number of other small mammals. Southern Brown Bandicoots have recently been spotted foraging on the course, which is exciting because these mammals are threatened and can be very hard to spot in the wild. It is important that dogs are kept on leads in nearby streets and that they are not brought onto the golf course.

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