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Early rain and it looked like it would be a wet walk but the sky cleared and 14 of us including two visitors, gathered and squeezed into three 4WD’s for the slippery drive out to Bald Hills.

At the start of Boundary track the Shiny Peppermint Eucalyptus falciformis was a mass of flowers.

peppermintShiny Peppermint

Creamy Smokebush and Heath Milkwort were both flowering well throughout the area. We were impressed by the Dwarf Bush-pea Pultenaea humilis, the dainty Twining Fringe-lily and masses of Silky Teatree – mostly white but patches of pink here and there. There were colourful Red-riding-hood Gompholobium ecostatum and the yellow form Dwarf Wedge pea; Globe-pea and Common Aotus. The Small Sheoak Allocasuarina misera was flowering and we were able to compare the male and female plants. Orchids seen included a few sun orchids, one small bearded greenhood and we were thrilled to find a group of Flying Duck orchids.

boundary trackBoundary track

sunorchid watchingWatching the sun orchids open

The views of the mine have changed with the coal face now covered and water accumulating at the base. Somehow the scar seems larger.

mineLooking at the mine site

Rain was threatening but we managed to have lunch at the corner of Peregrine Track before it became heavy and had us stepping out along the much eroded track back to Bald Hill Rd.

We all agreed it had been a very enjoyable walk.

Alison Watson