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Our walk followed the route of the Surf Coast Walk from Southside to Point Addis.


The fine weather and occasional bursts of sunshine showed the bush to great advantage with many heathland plants in their spring colours.

Four Angair members set out across the heathland and soon met another party of four – one new member and three of her friends who were pleased to join our group.

Small Spider Orchid
Small Spider Orchid Caladenia parva beside the track.

Although Peach Heath Lissanthe strigosa isn’t common in the Anglesea area, we saw several plants during the early part of our walk.

Peach Heath
Peach Heath Lissanthe strigosa

We paused from time to time to appreciate the wildflower displays and the numerous flowering terrestrial orchids.

Group on track

A slashed area behind the houses in Jarosite Road was particularly colourful with Blue Squills (Stars), Silky Guinea Flowers, Common Beard Heath, Running Postman, Pink Bells, Twining Fringe Lilies and many more.

Bent Goodenia and Blue Squills
Bent Goodenias Goodenia geniculata and Blue Stars Chaemascilla corymbosa

Morning tea in the picnic ground at the top of Ironbark Basin.

After walking down through the Red Ironbark forest we ate lunch at a vantage point overlooking Addiscott Beach.

Group on clifftop

Then descended via the Koorie Cultural Walk to our vehicle at Point Addis, and returned to Southside to complete our car shuttle.

Ros Gibson