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On the way to Cecil Track we made a quick stop to see the beautiful Veined Helmet Orchids Corybas diemenicus flowering in their usual spot at the Gum Flat corner admiring their delicate beauty.


veined helmet orchidsVeined Helmet Orchids

It was a gentle stroll along Cecil Track in the sun noting plants along the way. Not much was flowering at this time–a little Pink Heath, Sundews and Sweet Wattle.

Identifying plants

Orchids that we saw included Tall Greenhood, Mosquito Orchid and colonies of Trim Greenhood Pterostylis concinna, just starting to flower.

pterostylis concinnaTrim Greenhood

The leaves of Autumn Bird Orchid, Nodding Greenhood, Sun Orchid sp., Waxlips and Gnat orchid were observed.

identifying greenhoodsIdentifying Greenhoods

A number of different fungi were seen including some attractive Belly Buttons.

belly buttonsBelly Buttons

Two different types of lichen were observed with fruiting bodies.

lichen with fruiting bodiesLichen with fruiting bodies

The ants were building up their nests – in preparation for more rain perhaps.

ant nestsAnt nests

It was an enjoyable walk and we were pleased to have two visitors join us.

Alison Watson