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Retiring Committee member Bill McKellar will be greatly missed at future meetings.

Bill’s expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm will be very hard to replace. He is a past President and has worked on a range of projects and activities including coastal weeding and revegetation, propagation and education activities particularly with primary school children. Bill has played a leading role in the development of the indigenous gardens at Anglesea Primary School. We expect he will still be involved with Angair but hope that he also enjoys a bit more leisure time.

Clean up Australia Day is in the first week of March. Whilst Angair is not officially registering for the event we hope that members might be involved in the clean-up. The issue of rubbish being left at the lookout above the Surf Club was raised at our recent meeting. Unfortunately this rubbish is likely to find its way into the ocean over the cliff. More details on Clean Up Australia Day can be found on their website. Business Clean Up Day: Tuesday 1 March, Schools Clean Up Day: Friday 4 March, Clean Up Australia Day: Sunday 6 March.

Angair has established a Communications Committee to oversee all forms of Angair communication, including Wildflower and Art Show publicity. Newsletter arrangements are being reviewed in the light of increased Australia Post costs and delivery times. This would require posting the newsletter a week before the end of each month to ensure delivery in time for adequate notification of working bees and other activities. However this timeline poses problems for our volunteer contributors. Electronic copies will definitely be available before the end of the month but hard copies may arrive a few days into the new month. We are looking at ways to manage this problem.

Peter Forster