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Angair welcomed a new team from the Green Army this month. Ably led by Jane Shearer, on behalf of Conservation Volunteers Australia, the new team will work closely with Angair and other voluntary conservation groups to accelerate the work done by our volunteers.

This enthusiastic team will also benefit from the environmental knowledge of our members in a strong partnership to maintain and enhance our natural environment.

The affairs of Angair are managed by a dedicated volunteer committee of management and each year we look to recruit one or two new members to refresh the committee. When the AGM comes up in February the committee will be seeking a new Secretary. David Williams has been performing the job for 6 years but has now taken on new responsibilities putting together the Newsletter every month, together with Janet Stephens. Anyone interested in joining the committee could contact our President or email

Members may not be aware that the Anglesea IGA will donate a small percentage of your purchases to the organisation of your choice. All you have to do is ask next time you shop there and they will give you a card which can be swiped at the checkout. You will need to go on-line to register your card and nominate your organisation as Angair. The IGA will advise how to do it. Although small, contributions like this add up and assist Angair in our environmental work.

Peter Forster