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We are very sorry that Tim Gibson is retiring from the Barwon Water Environment Committee as Angair’S representative. Tim has been unwell and is unable to continue in this position. We thank him sincerely for his excellent work over many years in this position, and wish him a speedy recovery.

Clean Up Australia is on Sunday, 4 March, and we hope many of you will come and help. We are meeting at 9.15 a.m. at the Information Centre on the Anglesea Riverbank, for registration. Please bring your own gloves if you can, and wear sturdy shoes.

The Anglesea Primary School is holding a fete in the school grounds on Saturday, 10 March, 4 p.m.–8 p.m. Angair will have a stall, selling plants and merchandise – we hope to see you there.

Unfortunately, we are losing four people from the Committee this year: Yvonne Coventry, Philippa Hesterman, Evelyn Jones and Marg MacDonald. Between them they have served 50 years as Committee members! We thank them for their enormous contribution to Angair over this time, and are delighted that they intend to continue to work as they have in the past.

As this is my last report as President, I would like to  wish the new Committee every success in the future, and thank those who have supported me so well during my term in the office.

From the AGM

President’s Report – Highlights of 2011… Chris Morrissey

2011 contained a number of highlights for Angair members, some of which were:

  • The establishment of an herbarium for Angair, thanks to the efforts of Neil Tucker. Since early 2011, records of many weeds and fungi growing in Anglesea and Aireys Inlet have been made in the form of dried, pressed specimens, colour photos and written descriptions of the features of the plant, and date and place of collection. The herbarium is available in the Angair Natural History Centre, for research and identification.
  • The South East Australian Naturalists’ Association (SEANA) Camp, attended by 110 people was hosted by Angair in March. The programme, of talks and walks, covering flora and fauna in the local environment, was designed by an organizing committee of Ros Gibson, Evelyn Jones, Margaret MacDonald and Lynne Rayner, and many other Angair members assisted, acting as leaders and facilitators. We had many positive comments on the success of the camp.
  • Angair members assisted students and their parents in planting 3000 indigenous plants at the school in Camp Rd, Anglesea, with further contributions from Parks Victoria & DSE staff, GORCC, Eco-Logic, Alcoa and Bunnings. Angair members have continued to assist staff and children of the school with maintenance of the growing plants.
  • Our Annual Dinner for 2011 was enhanced by the presentation by Landscape Architect, Paul Thompson, which included particular emphasis on the ongoing design and development of the Australian Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne.
  • The final Angair walk for the year in the Grampians was particularly special as many of the participants camped on the property of Angair members Janet Stevens and Patrick Flanaghan.

Committee of Management for 2012 – Elected Friday, 24 February.

  • President: Helen Tutt.
  • Vice-Presidents:  Neil Tucker, Roger Ganly.
  • Immediate Past President: Christine Morrissey.
  • Secretary: David Williams.
  • Treasurer: Jeremy Lewis.
  • Ordinary members of the Committee:
    • Ellinor Campbell, Doug Dalton, Roger Ganly, Bill McKellar, Carl Rayner,  and Christine Williams.

Lynne Rayner, though not on the Committee, will provide assistance to the Treasurer.

There are still vacancies on the Committee, and if anyone would like to nominate, please contact the President, Helen Tutt, or the Secretary, David Williams, via the Angair email,

Chris Morrissey